What Is Machine To Machine Communication?


What is M2M?

Machine-to-machine communication is the ability of different devices to talk to each other and exchange information.

For example, you may have a sensor device such as a thermostat that needs to trigger an action when a certain level is reached. The information from the sensor is sent to another device, where it can be used to throw a switch or take an action to alert an operator to a problem.

Basically, it connects things to the web, allowing them to become part of an intelligent network. It allows key details to be sent without the need for human intervention, thus streamlining the way processes work, improving efficiency and cutting costs. That’s a simplified view but in the age of widespread computers and networks things are a bit more complicated.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication can now involve sending data over the internet to devices that are thousands of miles apart. This also means it’s expanded beyond one-to-one connections and information can be sent to many different devices in one go, or indeed a single hub can collect sensor data from many different sources.

The History of M2M

Interconnection of devices has been around for a long time and in fact pre-dates many of today’s computing technologies. Land-line communication is still common, whether by dial-up, broadband internet or ISDN links. Cellular communication is also popular and Siemens pioneered this is in the mid 1990s, developing a dedicated GSM data module known as M1.

M1 was used in early point-of-sale (POS) applications and in devices to allow the tracking and monitoring of vehicles. Early adopters were large multi-national companies such as General Motors, who were quick to see the potential offered by the technology. The latest mobile M2M units offer technologies such as built-in GPS that allow them to accurately report their position.

M2M can also be embedded into smart cards such as mobile phone SIMs, allowing it to be included in much smaller devices that can be used for applications such as tracking cargoes. We are now seeing a big expansion in the number of machines that are becoming M2M enabled.

In 2008 it was estimated that worldwide the number of mobile phone links used for M2M was some 47.7 million. By 2014 this is forecast to grow to 187 million, so the technology has taken off in a big way. The German market is particularly fast growing, with the 2.3 million M2M smart cards in circulation in 2010 set to more than double by the end of 2013.

Uses of M2M Today

Interconnected devices can be used to help performance and efficiency in a number of different ways. These include the production phase to ensure that components are delivered on time but also in finished products. For example, M2M can alert a manufacturer when a machine needs a service and can even highlight the faults that need to be rectified.

Another use of M2M is in the new generation of smart meters used by energy companies. These allow meters to send in their own readings at regular intervals and can alert the supplier to tampering or unusual activity.

The technology can be used in other ways to allow, for example, a central computer to update digital signage to display changing messages at different times of day or to update prices displayed at filling stations. Motor manufacturers have been quick to adopt M2M technology and it is particularly useful for electric cars where there is a high level of embedded technology already in the vehicle.

Ford, for example, has formed a partnership with AT&T to fit electric Focus models with a dedicated app and wireless connection.

This allows owners to monitor and control the car’s charge state and to plan journeys around the need to access charging stations. It can also be used to remotely trigger heating or cooling of the car prior to setting off on a journey.

M2M is also useful for fleet management, tracking drivers’ habits and journeys to optimise route planning and reduce journey times. It can be used to monitor driver behaviour and this is very useful not just for fleets but also for the insurance industry.

Motor insurance policies that use a ‘black box’ to check on driver behaviour are becoming increasingly common, especially for younger motorists. The technology can help the driver too, providing real-time traffic and weather reports tailored to the location of the vehicle.

The healthcare sector is another area where M2M technology is starting to make a difference. In patient care it can save lives, improve quality of life and cut costs. For example, remote monitoring can provide information on a patient’s condition whilst reducing the amount of time spent on hospital stays and visits.

It can help with assisted living for the elderly as well, allowing them to stay in their home for longer and enjoy a much better quality of life.

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The Biggest Electrical Risks You May Not Be Aware Of

Everyone knows that electricity is flowing through the walls of most buildings. Most people don’t even think of the dangers that can come from having live electrical currents so close to people. Here are some little known electrical risks that can really hurt you.

Old Wiring

The National Fire Protection Association lists old wiring as a major cause of house fires and electrical injury. Approximately 50 percent of American homes were built before 1973, and many of these homes have never had an inspection by an electrician. The simple fact that a house is old doesn’t automatically mean that it has a faulty electrical system, but older homes do have a greater likelihood of having deteriorating or unsafe wiring.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was used in many houses built or remodeled in the 1960s and 1970s. The connection points are the hazard, not the aluminum wiring itself. The connection points can break down over time in a way that leads to overheating and potential fires.


A flood can be dangerous by itself, but the presence of live electrical current can make a bad situation worse. Even a small amount of water in the basement or ground floor of a building can cause an electrical hazard. Entering a flooded room that is still receiving electrical current is very dangerous. If flooding is expected, the electrical system of the building should be completely disconnected. If the flooding is unexpected, and covers any electrical cords or the electrical outlets themselves, the building should be evacuated until the power can be turned off.

No Grounding Protection

That third prong on an electrical outlet has an important function; to provide electrical grounding. Cutting that prong off to make a three prong plug fit into a two-hole outlet is a very bad idea. Electricity seeks the path of least resistance. Proper grounding allows any electric current that might come from a broken connection or loose wire to travel into the ground instead of into a nearby person.

Static Electricity

A static spark is not a huge electrical event, but static electricity is, as its name suggests, electricity. Although it is rare, a static spark can ignite gasoline vapors, according to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Static sparks can also be hazardous in industries that use or store flammable chemicals.

Improper extension cord use

Extension cords are a great invention, bringing electricity wherever it is needed. However, improper extension cord use can lead to electrocution. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, extension cords are not meant to be linked together for a quarter of a mile, nor are they intended to power an entire house. Improper use of extension cords can cause the insulation to break down, increasing the risk of electrical shock and fire.

Not Using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) protect against electrocution by shutting off an outlet if a change in current is detected. GFCIs should be used if there is any potential contact with water, such kitchen, bathroom and outdoor outlets.

Do It Yourself Repairs

It may seem simple to change a light fixture or replace a faulty outlet. However, electrical repairs are not like other do-it-yourself projects. You can be injured or even killed if you touch the wrong wire, and incorrectly performed repairs can lead to additional problems, including fires. It is always a good idea to contact an experienced electrician for electrical repairs.

Wendy Culvert is a freelance blogger. She takes steps to prepare for electrical disasters by keeping her emergency lighting system powered by a Lithonia battery from BatteryPlex

Important Job Finding Tips for Mature Age Workers

It is the difficult time for matures age people searching a desired job if they lose their current job. In a survey, 45% of unemployed workers are fifty five or older. People in the old age of their career face a rising struggle to landing a suitable place. Fortunately, there are many job search techniques for older age people, if they utilize them, they can still land many of job interviews. Here are following job search tips for the mature age worker.

Use Technology in Daily life

Many job hiring companies have a fear that old age workers don’t have techno savvy. How will they handle their work in fast faced technology environment? This can be a vast barrier for a job seeker to conquer. In resume, candidate should bring to points in bolded their IT skills. What they have expertise on the computer? Which types of computer hardwares they are familiar? Like printer, scanner etc. It will make astonish to the hiring manager.

Resume Should not Be Your Work History

A Mature age candidate should focus on how they can bring their skills and achievements match the desired job position. They should not cover entire work profile in his or her CV. They can short the experience whatever you include on your CV to most applicable jobs you have held in recent. Remember, an interviewer will not notice about a candidate’s work experience at a shop as a salesman 18 years ago.

Use Your Social Networking to Conduct Job Search

Nowadays, Social networking provides the huge platform to getting a job. There are many popular social networking sites, those help to select the desired vacancy. Internet job boards should not be the only way to search a job. Your long job career has the many contacts within their different industries. A job searcher must take benefits of this through contacting old staff.

Keep Update to Your Skills

 In old age, this often happens, people don’t have up-to-date to emphasize their skills and accomplishments when trying to grab a new job. For this, they should develop their skills through any extra training classes or on online internet. Proper training will help to you increase the confidence level and this will make impress to the hiring manager.

Adjust Your Attitude

According to age, you should maintain your energy level to keep your health and your attitude up.  If your energy and confidence are negative, you will get negative results. It’s true, if you stay confidential and visualize yourself on new workplace, you will enjoy your job and your professional life.

Darian writes the article about job search tips for old age people and focusing on the career oriented issues. He also like to social work in his society.

AT & T Assemble an Asthma Cause Uncovering Device

Continue in new technology advancement AT & T Company has assembled asthma causes diagnosis device that is chemical-sniffing system will forward data to computer so doctors can find out a quality and better actual sense of asthmatic attacks.

Why Is This Important?

 Now days, in USA asthma disease is diagnosed in many people each year, generally most people find out the asthmatic symptoms by ordinary household products or doctor write the perception to patients on common cause of symptoms. 

A asthma statistics show the in U.S. one out every twelve person are suffering from asthmatic problem, and the many people detected with the chronic and serious disease that is growing each year in large scale, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Around an estimated 14.9 Millions people suffering, 1.5 million emergency visits and 500000 hospitalizations in 1995.

Asthma attacks can be caused by a range of material. Triggers of asthma attacks can be vary from people to people. When airways pass into respond with an asthma trigger, the airways become irritated, narrowing, and block with mucus. In natural reason including dust in air, pollen, small scales from animal skins, domestic cleaners, chemicals and air pollution. To assisting people and keep away from the asthmatic irritants, AT&T labs scientist are building a sensor that can discover the sniff the air for identified asthma causes.

The reasons of asthma symptoms may be differ for different people. Still, one thing is regular with asthma: when airways come into respond with an asthma trigger, the airways become irritated, narrow, and fill with mucus.

Every person’s triggers are varying; communications technology department head Mr. Bob Miller says this in NJ. Miller’s team has developed a prototype of a movable sensor that can find unstable organic composites, which may be exists in homes or environment near you. Dust, Smoke, effected air can all produce asthma related result. New device observe the room that is wirelessly attached to online health machine networks there doctors can examine the actual evidences in data stored in device.

Now company’s other groups are working into mobile technology to developing and improving the asthmatic health of sufferer people. Mobile will update to you, if you are missing something like medicine etc. For instance, Madison, Wisconsin situated Asthmapoils etc. More this, AT&T device can also identified if you are in high level triggers.


Top 5 Ways Technology Can Protect Your Family

With an economy in flux and unemployment as high as ever the US department of Justice reports that 3,600,000 home invasions on average occurred in the US between 1994 – 2000 and that this number is set to more than double by the year 2014. More than 8,000 home invasions occur in North America every Day. It is estimated that 1 in 5 homes will eventually experience a break in or invasion.

It’s chilling enough to think that there is a 1 in 5 chance that your home will be broken into and you will lose precious heirlooms and non replaceable memories. But more disturbing than this is the realization that 38% of these break-ins result in assault while a staggering 60% of home invasions include rape. When one looks closer at FBI and US department of Justice reports it’s a wonder that any of us sleep at night.

Taking a look at daily statistics reveals that property crime occurs every three seconds, burglaries occurs every 10 seconds, and violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. What can be done to reduce the odds that your family will be among the invaded? Knowledge is power and technology can reduce your family’s vulnerability.

What many homeowners do not yet realize is that individuals who have chosen to be career criminals have access to a simple entry tool called the bump key. Anyone can legally purchase as set of 6 of these bump keys for around $$18.00. Taking a look at the next 3 key points will change the way you look at home security.

• Seasoned Thieves can open 90% of doors with lock bumping

• Experts say that no traditional lock is bump proof

• Lock bumping is spreading because of easy Internet access

Knowledge is power and technology has given us an amazing a ray of new gadgets that can be commissioned in securing or family members and assets. A revolution in electronic technology has delivered to us some wonderful tools to protect our loved ones. If you have a passion for x Tech gadgets then here are a few ways they can be used to secure your family.

• Apps away – A Smartphone web app and a home web cam is one of the most simple yet entirely satisfying ways to secure your love ones and personal property while going about your daily activities. This has a very low cost and is a very basic approach but the underlying thrill of seeing live images of your children and home when you are far away is hard to beat. Tablets can offer a better view and most down loadable apps are free, so the only additional cost is the web cam if you do not already have any.

• Randomly Lit –  This is an old trick with a new twist. Yes, the concepts of light timers are anything but new, but let’s look at them from a modern perspective. With wonderful smart technology they can be switched on and off in a continuously random way. The same random way you would turn them on and off if you were actually at home. This is an absolute most for anyone going away for the holidays or are often away for extended periods of time.

• The Fix is in – A commonly look for element is to look to see if the TV is in use. A genuinely clever tech toy that you can use when away from home is a fake TV light. They simply give of a light that looks exactly the same as the light given off by the television if it were switched on.

• Double Secured App – Need even more piece of mind, consider a monitoring app for your already existing home security system. You can also install your own home system complete with a downloadable Smartphone or tablet monitoring app. This enables you to control your home security system no matter where you are.

• Cleared Perspective – Many seasoned entry experts will use what they consider to be the path of least resistance a window hidden from view of any neighborly spying eyes. A very simple to install and low cost item is the window alarm. When the window is pulled or pried open it makes a very loud alarming noise. Window x tech alarms can be found online and usually come in packs of two.

We have discussed a few examples of the top trending X Tech gadgets available that can be employed to protect your family and private property. No one wants to experience a home invasion, but with the implementation of some simple smart technologies, you can reduce the odds of our family falling victim.

Katelyn Williams is a technology and lifestyle writer, and writes about helpful topics such as home tech products and top outdoor surveillance camera lists.